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About Sarah

A Journey Towards Healthy Living...

For most of her adult life, Sarah lived with immense pain and physical limitations from asthma, allergies, chronic intestinal inflammation, fatigue, anxiety, and debilitating stress.  Finally, she hit a point where traditional medicine and treatments were no longer even masking the health issues that plagued her.  Sarah finally decided there must be other answers out there.  She began the journey of understanding “what real health looks like” and today she is happy and healthy and wanting to help others find their way to perfect health and vitality.  Sarah uses clinical nutritional therapy along with muscle response testing, and whole foods supplementation with an emphasis on complete lifestyle health.  She is a certified yoga teacher and finds great health in hiking, nature, yoga, and meditation. 



Digestive wellness

Chronic Fatigue

Food allergies & food intolerances


Personalized Meal Planning

Stress Management

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