My digestion has never been better.  

6- Day Jumpstart 

everyone can do just 6 days

Each month, 6 days are dedicated to Jump Starting your progress towards health.


During the 6 Day Jumpstart Program  Participants will be provided with:

-clean eating guidelines and meal planning assistance

-6 day mini detox kit that includes: Nutritionally Complete Shakes (blender bottle included), One Month supply of Probiotics , Homeopathic Liver Detox supplement, and Colon Supplement

-4- one hour training sessions with personal trainer, Charles Russ at Carolina Fitness

(cost of 6 day program is $280)

Everyone can do just 6 days...

December 19, 2016

JumpStart December

JumpStart Begins Monday December 19th and ends December 24th.  Detox Kits are picked up at Centered Wellness on Friday 12/16 

January 16, 2017

JumpStart January 2017

JumpStart Begins Monday January 16th and ends January 21st.  Detox Kits are picked up at Centered Wellness on Friday 01/13/2017 

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